In His time.


“HE makes all things beautiful in HIS time.” [Ecclesiastes 3:17]. There is a reason why it says in HIS time not OUR time. Sometimes we get so impatient with not seeing the answers to what we have prayed for, or what we’re expectant of, we feel God has forgotten about us or that he simply doesn’t care. We forget that God knows us more than we know ourselves. His timing may feel longer than what we’re used to, but it is perfect. We may feel like we need what we are praying for right when we ask for it, but God being Alpha and Omega knows our beginning and end, he sees the future. Therefore, the blessing we may be praying for may be what we think we want but not what we need at the moment we need it. As long as it is in the will of God for your life, God will never leave you wanting. Be patient. The Bible says in James 1:4 “Let patience have its perfect work in you, that you may be perfect, complete, lacking nothing.” When God wants to bless you he never wants to do it half heartedly. He does it wholeheartedly when everything in you and around you is complete, and perfect for his work. Good things take time and every good thing comes from God. So wait, be patient, and in your patience trust that Gods will for your life will always be far greater than your will for yours.☝🏾


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