Seek Him to find Him.

In a world where we’re so used to quick fixes and instant turnouts, we have slowly incorporated this same attitude in our faith. We want the gift without waiting to seek the giver. We want the blessings, without being connected to the source. We want to find God, experience Him, but we’re not willing to seek. The Lord said In Jeremiah 28:13 “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with All your heart.” The only way we can find God and know Him in His fullness is when we take the time out to seek Him. To seek for something means to desire, to work toward, with INTENT. We abandon quiet time in Gods presence, yet we complain about not being able to experience God. In order to Find God and experience Him we must seek for Him in his word. We must seek Him with patience, and most importantly with intentionality. Intentionality means you will do all you need to do to find God by giving your all fully. Its time, its commitment, its work and its only through His strength! Not by your own strength but by His spirit which quickens you. For those who feel distant from God, or just confused and deep down you want to find God, start by really seeking Him in His word. God has promised that if you do, you will find Him. Therefore, your search and desire is never in vain. God is already there, all he requires of us is a heart willing to SEEK.❤


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