Not my will. 

When Jesus went to pray at the Mount of Olives before he was crucified, his disciples went with Him. Jesus understood the ramifications of bearing this cup of sin. The perfect, sinless Son of God was about to pay the price for the sin of ALL mankind. The fear and emotions that ran through his head showed his human side. However, when he prayed he said to God ; “If it is your will Lord, take this cup from me but not my will, but your will be done.” [Luke 22:40]. This shows the feelings that were going through His head. Sometimes we find ourselves in circumstances and situations that bring us to a place of fear & uncertainty, but the key here is Jesus prayed “NOT MY WILL BUT YOURS.” I think it takes so much to trade in our will for Gods will at times, but this is what Jesus did. He submitted to the will of God and this is why we believers are who we are today; Free, not entangled with the yoke of bondage anymore because of the blood of Jesus shed on the cross. Therefore, Gods will may seem and feel trying, hard, long & difficult to endure but in the end, His will never disappoints. So even in the difficult time you may be experiencing right now, let your prayers be surrounded around His will over yours. Meaning: allow God have his way with you! The Bible says; “As for the Lord, his ways are perfect.” They may be inconvenient and uncomfortable but they are perfect!❤


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