To know Him is to be like Him!

This is so true in all its entirety. Sometimes we use the statement “i’m not perfect” to justify our sinful nature and actions we know God isn’t pleased with. Yes, we’re not perfect but thats the whole point of the race we run. To know Christ in His fullness, so we can emulate and reflect all that He is. The key is to know Him to the point where we are transformed by the renewing of our minds. It all begins and ends with the mind. Once our minds are transformed, everything else about us changes also. Character flaws deemed “normal” to the world like pride, anger, lustful thinking etc are changed. We cannot say we know & serve God but we still find ourselves making excuses for sins we know God detests. Remember, true evidence of the knowledge of God is not in how inspirational our Godly posts on social media are, or how “holy” we think we look, or how much scripture we’re able to memorize, but it is in the changes we see in ourselves. It is in the way we show & give love, the way we react, the kind of conversations that come out of us, the music we allow in and so forth. Its those little things we don’t make a big deal out of that reflect the knowledge of Him actually working change in us. If we seek to know more of Him, let us also seek to be changed in the process. Your prayer today: Lord, help me to know you and not just know of you, but give me a deep revelation of who you are, so that the more I know you, the more of you is reflected in every part of me. Amen💕


One thought on “To know Him is to be like Him!

  1. Yes for us to know him, means we have seen him as he is and therefore will become like him(1Jn3:2). Amen and Amen. Andrea, am blessed and edified by your write up. May the lord water you greatly and anoint your hand in writing in ceaseless flow.


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