What did 2016 teach me?

What did 2016 teach me?
2016 taught me that I am but mere dust without Christ. 

It taught me that my ways are not His ways, neither are my thoughts His thoughts.

It taught me the art of warfare, and the importance of being equipped with the full amor of God.

It taught me the power I have over the enemy when I am fully equipped.

It taught me my flesh only speaks louder when my spirit is drained. Therefore, starve your flesh and Feed your spirit.

It taught me the power in the blood of Jesus.

It taught me to be kind, always. To love as Christ loves. To offer grace rather than judgement. Because Jesus offered me grace freely, all in the name of love.

It taught me that God loves His own. He is a jealous God and He will not share His glory with another. He loves me too much to see me give myself to anything or anyone other than Him, and He will not stop at teaching me that I cannot do this life without Him until I surrender to His will.

It taught me that I have all the power and authority, not of my own strength but through Christ Jesus who strengthens me to invade the camp of the enemy & stand victorious.

It taught me that family will always be there for me, and the importance of cherishing every minute I have with them. 

It taught me to be selfless because being selfish is not Christlike.

It taught me to always be filled with the word of God because there are so many empty vessels who need to be poured into. 

It taught be that spending quality time with Jesus beats being anywhere else because I am not sustained through man but through Him. In his presence is fullness of joy, and the joy of being in His presence beats any other feeling. 

It taught me the importance of opening up. Not only is it freeing, but a form of healing. Open up to God, open up to your family in Christ. Talk about the things that you tend to bottle up because in the multitude of counsel, there is safety.

It taught me to give everything to God because He cares about even the minuscule parts of me.

 Finally, it taught me that no matter what I see in front of me, no matter how high the waves rise, Jesus is there with open arms calling me to trust that He always stills the waves. He will never let me sink as long as my eyes are fixed on Him. My faith in knowing and believing that He promised, therefore He is faithful is enough to keep me going. Thank you Jesus for a year filled with nothing but glorious moments. The good, the bad…It’s all part of your divine plan to bring me to a state of fullness in you.✨I love you Lord with all that is within me.

Isaiah 40✨


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