The confidence struggle!

Having confidence in God is really more than just believing, because it is so easy for belief to be clouded by doubt. While belief is MAJOR for your confidence in God to be strong, you cannot have confidence in what you do not believe in. I believe the true art of confidence is total stability. Stability is the state of being secure, steady and firm. When you are stable you are immovable, and what you see or hear does not move you in any way.
   I sat down with someone who is like another father to me, and when i expressed to him my past dealings with fear and anxiety one thing he asked me was why do you think you fear and have much anxiety? I had no reasons for him but a lot of examples rather as to how fear and anxiety have troubled me. One thing he mentioned which struck me was that through all I had told him he felt the root of my dealings with fear and anxiety was lack of confidence, Confidence in GOD. I was taken back because I really thought I had it all together when it came to having confidence in God. Sometimes we miss these little cracks like fear and anxiety that show up because we believe they are normal dealings as human beings to experience and go through . Yes, we are human beings but I don’t believe it should be accepted as normal especially for a believer. Fear and anxiety is of the world and the Bible tells us: “we are not of the world.” John 17:16. Therefore, if we are not of the world we are of God. 1 John 5:4 backs that up saying, “For everyone who is born of GOD overcomes the world.” Once we are in Christ we are NEW and renewed creations, so why should fear and anxiety even have a dwelling within us? 
  Moreover, confidence in God is bold trust and stability. You cannot be stable in God if you do not trust Him and you cannot trust Him if you do not know Him. I had to double check the level of my confidence in God. It’s one thing to profess confidence and its another to really live it out. I have now learned that some great ways to gain confidence in God include; Assured trust, and second, knowing who you are in Christ. When we can boldly trust all of who He says he is and know who we are in Him, we find stability, and in turn no place for doubt, fear or anxiety. I was deeply encouraged to seek the scriptures about what God has promised me, and what He say’s about me. If you’re reading this I encourage you to do the same. 

Proverbs 3:26 says; “For the Lord will be your confidence and keep your foot from being taken.” As long as He is your confidence you are immovable! 

Stay blessed. xo


4 thoughts on “The confidence struggle!

  1. This is simply refreshing, thanks Andrea for pening down your experience, it speaks to the very foundation of our faith walk…. Keep the pen writting & never stop


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