The furnace of affliction!

Sometimes I don’t post on here not because I don’t have anything to post but because I have it all journaled, and i’m not sure wether i want it posted or not but I decided it’ll be nice if I share some of my daily devotionals, and what God teaches me when I spend time with Him.

Today I looked into Isaiah 48. I read up until verse 11 but verses 10- 11 struck me more. I guess it was just really relatable to where I am in my life right now. God is really so good to me. Verse 10 and 11 gave me a much needed reminder as to why we go through what we go through. The trials and the tribulations. This was targeted to the children of Israel because of what they went through due to their disobedience and obstinate minds. Nevertheless, God was still very forgiving and merciful to them. They may have hated what they had to go through, but it was all for a purpose God had in mind. For His glory! V. 10 say’s: “I have tested you in the furnace of affliction for my OWN sake. For how should my name be profaned?” It made me really think. We may get confused, ask questions and wonder why we may be in a specific period in our lives that just seems so unbearable, but I think it really takes someone who trusts God to forget how they feel, take a step back and really think about why being put in a furnace of affliction is needed. It may feel difficult, and sometimes even lonely but in the end it is to give Glory to God. Your current struggle is all for his Glory and praise. So that we can see and know that God is forever on our side. He will never ever leave us nor will He forsake us. It is to reaffirm His promises. Think about some of His promises…how can we see them be made manifest in our lives if we are not tested? How can we practice trusting the Lord with all our heart if we do not find ourselves in a place where we have no other option BUT to trust Him.  We cannot know how real and true the scriptures are if we don’t encounter difficult periods and seasons. God’s word never returns to him void. His name has to be glorified and exalted somehow. It is through some of our testings and struggles that brings us to a place of calling on His name, and because He is God, we are always victorious. God has never and will never lose a battle. Hence why he says in the last verse: “I will not give my glory to another.”

Thank you Lord, for in every struggle wether past or present you have taught me to praise you through it so your name can be exalted, and in the end all the Glory is prescribed unto you.


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