Sometimes we need a shift.


There is a great purpose God has in store for every situation we encounter in this life. I am reminded everyday that Christ loves me so much that he has called me, and chosen me for a purpose. He loves me so much that He never wants to see me complacent. He never wants to see me get too comfortable to the point where every other thing BUT Him becomes my focus. God is a jealous God. So jealous that He moves things around so that we can be reminded that we cannot do this life without Him, even if we tried. So that He can make Himself worthy, and all glory and honor is given to Him, and Him alone. That is the kind of God we serve. He loves us way too much to live us in our comfort. This does not mean God enjoys seeing us face trials & tribulations, no. It means He enjoys seeing us set everything aside, and re-focus our priorities. Making him our primary focus. Denying all we are and putting Him at the centre.

He tells us in John 16:33, “in this world you will have tribulation, but take heart because I have overcome the world.” To take heart is to receive comfort about something. God wants us to rest in the fact that He is for us, and He has already gone before us. When we have received comfort about something, we do not worry about it anymore. Why? because it is not in our hands anymore, but in the Almighty’s hands. Where it belongs. Every time something humbling occurs in my life, I am reminded it is for a purpose. I am reminded that my focus is elsewhere, and I need to shift it back to Jesus. I praise Him for bringing me to the place I am right now, as inconvenient as it may feel….I am reminded His plans for me are for good to give me a future and a hope. Therefore, whatever His plans are, lies a greater purpose my mind cannot comprehend.

Thank-you Lord, for loving me to the point where you shift things around, so that I can re-focus my eyes back to you. Thank you Lord for every trial I encounter because your plans for me are for good. Help me Lord Jesus to fully embrace that where I am is where you need me to be.  Help me to appreciate some of life’s inconveniences, because it is in them I am reminded that I cannot walk this life without you next to me.


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