His plans are for good.

“Lord help me to be content with where you take me.” As i mutter these words to myself, I pray I find peace in them, and that it has the same power in my heart and mind as it does speaking it. I say this because, its one thing to say something out to yourself to try to put your heart at rest, and its another to really believe it. What you speak over yourself only manifests itself when you believe it entirely.

Sometimes the situations we find ourselves in are not always the most favorable, but one thing is for sure; these situations are needed. I’m so happy that I can finally say, I’m at a place where no matter where God chooses to take me, i’m choosing to fully trust and accept it’s all aligned to the purpose He has for me. I may question them, but I’ll never question Him. There is so much peace in the fact that His plans for ME are for good. In the end, they are unquestionably for His glory, His praise, and His honor. No matter where you find yourself, never forget…His plans towards you are for good not evil, to give you a future and a hope.

Stay Blessed beautiful people. xo


One thought on “His plans are for good.

  1. Amen. So true that He has full control of our lives once we surrender all to Him, and He does all things therein with wisdom and purpose. May He grant you much grace for your journey, in Jesus’s name.


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