An idea vs a true reality.

 I read this somewhere and it really hit me. I had to share.

  I moved out with my twin sister to be closer to school and work. This process has been somewhat challenging, yet incredibly beautiful to watch unfold. Challenging in the sense that i’m on my own now and i have a little more on my plate in terms of responsibilities, to keep in check. Aside from other demanding responsibilities such as bills, groceries and taking care of my wellbeing, etc. The most important to keep in check, now that I am on a new chapter in my life is my spiritual life. That is why this text hit pretty close. 
  Through the business of being on my own, school, work and life itself, i realized it is very possible for one to lose solid grounding in Christ if He becomes secondary to these things. Not that this is happening, (lol i promise its not) but the reality is, its just so easy to slip into the cracks of lackadaisicalness when you’re occupied with more than what you’re used to.

  In relation to the text, It is so easy to believe the idea of God is enough instead of making him a reality. Believing Him to be just enough as an idea means not putting that extra time and effort to spend quality time with Him. It means understanding that we can partake of Him in his fullness but choosing not to. Its spending 2 munites rather than the 10 we have, or 20 rather than the 40 we have. Quick prayers before you rush out the door, quick glances at your oh so convenient online Bible on your phone, (I’m sure some can relate lol). On the other hand, when we make Him a reality we acknowledge the fact that we need Him more than anything daily. We make Him the centre of everything we are, despite how busy or occupied we get. I mean, why settle for half of what we’re freely given everyday; his undivided attention and love. Look, Its ok to be occupied, endeavouring on new paths, but its not ok to neglect the God who has been there all along. Christ has told us to come boldly into His throne of grace. (Heb 4:16). This means at anytime he has wholeheartedly and willingly made Himself so available to us. Imagine having daily appointments with God and always standing him up to  deal with other things.

  He is always there ready to meet us but we put everything else before Him. Do you know how much of a mighty and glorious visitation we miss out on when this happens? I don’t want to find myself so occupied with life that i find myself settling for just an idea of Him, and not taking time out to experience His reality fully! He is truly more than just an idea. He is my reality and my daily bread that should never go uneaten. 


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