No matter what you face today, just remember where your strenght lies & where your true joy comes from. Its a little hard to find joy when everything around you looks opposite, but i think despite all we face, God wants us to come to a state where this is literally all we feel & want to feel. The Bible tells us to be “joyful in hope, patient in affliction & faithful in prayer.” – Romans 12:12. We cant curse God or drown in misery when life isn’t going “as planned”, yet expect God to bring us through. Nope, we have to learn to look to God when things feel like they’re falling apart & be joyful in the Hope that He will be our guide, comfort us & be our present help in time of need. Thats when we start to feel true joy. 

Joy is being patient in our afflictions, thanking God for allowing us go through certain things so that we grow. Joy is looking past what you want & focusing on what God feels you need. Joy is counting your blessings, not your pain. Joy is trusting God is a God who does not leave His own. Joy is accepting you are not where you want to be, but God has left you there because he knows its where you need to be. Joy is finding happiness in Christ when everything around you tells you to question Him. 

I’m not there yet, but i press on to be. I want to experience never ending joy no matter what life throws at me. I want my Joy to be found in Christ at all times.


6 thoughts on “Joy.

  1. “God wants us to come to a state where this is literally all we feel & want to feel”….. for ‘joy’ to be in worked in us, it has to be an emotion desired. When our desire is God focused, and we believe into him in all things, our pain becomes praise and our joy becomes full. Thank you Andrea for sharing. You touched my spirit.


  2. Amen! There is no better way to describe the word “joy.” God truly does put us in the place He wants us to be. He is guiding us through paths of joy and takes us to new levels of glory to another.


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