Thoughts at 1:06am.

So I was on Instagram earlier, just scrolling through different pages. I came across this page called ‘HumansOfNY’ a.k.a Humans of New York. Basically, the page consists of pictures of humans of New York, of course. lol but what was so significant about this page were the captions that went along with the pictures. 80% of the captions were heartbreaking. I think i almost teared up reading some of them. The page shines light on the struggles humans of New York have dealt with or are still dealing with. I guess the purpose of the page is to allow strangers to know, they are not alone in their pain. Its also to remind people to stay grateful, always because someone always has it worse. You may think your life is in total shambles till you hear someone else’s story. Then you realize, your problems are a grain of salt compared to what other people battle with daily.

Its true when people say there is so much more hidden behind ones smile. Not everyone is as happy or put together on the inside, as they appear to be on the outside. My heart goes out to all those people, and I just wished they all knew Jesus as their savior & ultimate healer. See, when you know Jesus as your savior, you learn to put every single tear, pain, worry, in his hands. You learn to trust in His promise, that no matter what you face He will never leave you nor forsake you. “He will never leave his holy ones to see corruption.” Sometimes, i wish some people knew this. I realized that’s why God chose me to follow him, he didn’t save me so i could keep this joy, peace and security to myself. He saved me so i could share these benefits with other people as well. I live for God, not for my own selfish gains but so that I can reach out to those who feel hopeless. Leading them to discover there is a hope never failing, always loving, ready to save and restore. 

The world craves and searches for something more. They feel it deep down. Its an emptiness no one can explain, but one so many can identify with. That emptiness can’t be filled with no one else and nothing else but JESUS. 

They have a website, y’all can check it out.


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