Birthdays…..shmirthdays lol

Okay, so tomorrow June 10th is my 23rd birthday. I’m really not entirely excited but I am at the same time. I don’t know, that ecstatic, butterfly feeling in my stomach i used to feel is just not there this time around. I guess growing up is bitter sweet. Bitter because I have so much more responsibilities ahead of me and so much more pressure to get my life on track. Sweet because I get to see another year of LIFE. LIFE…..people lose this precious gift every day, why wouldn’t I be grateful? Its a blessing. Deep down I wish i had genuine friends to share MY day with, but i really don’t lol. I have amazing family though, here to pray with me and make sure I stay smiling. I won’t lie and act like true, genuine girlfriends wouldn’t be a plus. I have quite a number of acquaintances, so If i wanted to really do something i would, but It just wouldn’t feel right. I’m so over forcing relationships that really don’t exist. Its been my prayer for a while now. I pray God leads me to like minded homegirls as myself, who love GOD as much as I do, who motivate me, who pray with me and for me and who inspire me to be better daily. I know he’ll lead me to them, he lead me to a few this year. Distance is just such an inconvenience. I’m grateful for them though. Anyway, its 10:12 and in two hours I’ll be 23. YAY!

This year, all i want and desire is Psalms 16 and Isaiah 61 verse 1 over my new chapter. Ya’ll go read it and you’ll understand why its my greatest desire. Who wouldn’t want such peace and awesomeness over themselves? Isaiah 61 vs 1 specifically. I pray God keeps using me and molding me into the woman he has purposed me to be. So, happy birthday to me!!! Oh, how could i forget to my lovely twin as well. : )10471882_773514729359918_1959348202_n11255703_1409809642674903_130119820_n


3 thoughts on “Birthdays…..shmirthdays lol

  1. Happy birthday Andrea. You want friends who are like minded, The Lord will show you who they are. Friends that will be a blessing to you and you to them.


  2. Happy birthday, precious Andrea! May your day be filled with joy. And may God perfect all that concerns you, in Jesus’ name.


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