Your heart is his to mend.

Okay so I know I’ve been posting nothing but music, but man…the way music speaks to me is so real. I find so much peace and comfort in listening to music that reminds me so much of how MUCH God loves me and how great he is. This song speaks volumes to me because I know so many can relate, including myself. I love the message in this song that says; God does not demand perfection from you and i, he wants us to come before him as transparent as possible. Flaws and all. Face down, broken and crying out to him for help. Why? Because That’s why he is God. We cannot attain perfection without him and we will fail every single time. That’s why he died on the cross for you and i. So that we can find forgiveness, strength, peace, comfort and true happiness in him alone. He doesn’t want us to try to fix ourselves, he wants us to run to him. Freely and boldly, in confidence that he is mighty to save. In our weakness God is made strong. He heals and rescues us from whatever bondage the enemy has tried to tie you down to. Whether its depression, pain, sin, unworthiness, addiction. He wants us to come to him boldly and confess these things to him so that we can be delivered. Never feel your weight is too heavy for God to take from you. That is why he is GOD. That is why he is our maker and SAVIOR. Nothing on earth is too difficult for him. You are worthy, and Holy is his name. The only one Mighty enough to save!

Be blessed y’all. ❤


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