You don’t miss a thing

I love this song so much because i think it best describes my relationship with God. In the most purest and simplest form. Its so beautiful to know that no matter what, God is in everything, and he’s always around me. When the world misunderstands us, he understands. When we feel alone, his love fills us up. He holds our past, present and future in his hands. He knows our every thought, our deepest desires, our insecurities…and in the crowd, in the chaos and madness of this world, he doesn’t miss a thing. He never leaves. I think that’s the beauty in knowing Jesus as my personal savior.

I especially love the middle that says “There’s no place I can go, your love won’t find me. No place I can hide that you don’t see. No place I can fall your love won’t catch me, you see it all.” Sometimes we find ourselves caught up in the craziness of life and we try to run away from it all. We try to make ourselves believe we can cope on our own. We try to push God to the side and “figure it out”. But God is saying its impossible. He died for us not so we can try to “figure it out” but so we can be free from trying to figure it out and just depend on him. Cast your cares upon the lord, for he cares for you. That’s all God asks of us. He loves you way too much to leave you to your own demise.

When You stand
I feel the floor of Heaven tremble
As You breathe
We live and have our being
When you speak
Oh I feel it in my chest
When You sing
All my fears are put to rest

What a wondrous thing
I can stand to sing
Cause when I fall to my knees,
You’re the one who pulls me up again

What a mystery
That You notice me
And in a crowd of ten thousand
You don’t miss a thing

When you sigh
The wind becomes a sonnet
When you laugh
The storm around me ceases
You whisper
And all my enemies are scattered
You surround me
With angels on assignment.


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