Where is your refuge?

While commuting to work, God dropped Psalm 91 verses 1 & 2 into my heart. It was pretty quick and random but I’m so glad he did. “Whoever dwells in the secret place of the most high shall abide under the shadow of the almighty. I will say of the Lord he is my refuge and fortress. My God, in whom i trust.”  I kept on revising this scripture and saying it over and over. I find that once I start repeating a verse over and over its Gods way of trying to teach me or imprint something within me.

When we are continually under his wings, (in his presence), when we seek him and hide ourselves in him we will always be under his covering. We will always feel him around us. We will have peace, we will never feel alone, we will never feel empty. This is because under the shadow of his wings (his presence) is everything we aimlessly search for in this world. ALL we need is in him. Its like everything I keep reading or every message I’ve heard this week just keeps saying; Just be with me. STAY in my presence, and just Be. Random, but the strength of the branch is from constant being with the vine. The branch just knows without doubt that it will be taken care of as long as its connected to the vine. It doesn’t question its growth. Dwelling in his presence gives us such an assured feeling and  rest that he has us no matter what. In his presence you will remain stable and FIXED under the almighty who’s power and love knows NO end.

I began to think of the Israelites in Numbers chapter 9, 17-18. The isrealites here only moved when the cloud moved, and settled when the cloud settled. This cloud speaks of the presence and spirit of the Lord. They found REST wherever the cloud moved, We should also only find our rest in HIM as we dwell with him. Amen!


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