Where is your heart?

I was listening to a song and part of the lyrics said “I have come to this place in my life, I’m full but I’ve not satisfied this longing to have more of you.” It touched me. I had to pause and ask myself…”Where is your heart.?” Life can get so crazy, and sometimes we get so lost in the rush of it all we forget the ONE that really matters; God of course! Yes, i try to pray daily, yes I read my Bible daily, but truth is it can be better. I can devote more time. I don’t want to find myself simply satisfied. I want to crave more of GOD in my life. I want to feel him work through me. I want my entire being consumed by him. I don’t want to care about what others think about my relationship with God, I just want to serve him freely and seek MORE of him every chance I get. I’m writing straight from my heart so I’m not sure If i’m making total sense. My whole point is, I want God to take me back to the place where my heart was ONLY about him. The place where there were no other outside forces and noises drawing me away. I know its possible, I just have to dedicate more of me. The Bible says in James 4:8 “Come near to God and he will come near to you.” It’s rather simple, it just takes a heart totally willing to submit not just what they “can” or whats convenient, but everything! That’s the task! I think God is slowly drawing me to that place. I just have to learn to shut out outside noises that may be interfering. At the end of the day, God I am yours!

My prayer, and probably yours too: “God, take me back to the place where my heart was only about you.”


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