Understand your value !

You must understand your value before God in such a way that you will quickly without hesitating reject “little boys” who only seek sexual company but will NOT honor your soul. When I say “little boys” I’m not referring to age, but to males who don’t bother to see past your physical, who don’t make it a priority to see the treasure you are before God, but who try to violate you, pushing you to compromise who you are to fit who they want you to be. It sounds unrealistic to some, but women must have higher and more Godly expectations of how men approach them and treat them. Why? Because you were made in the image of God, you’re royalty. Why settle to be somebody’s past time? You were not made to be given to a “boy” who uses you for simply comfort. You are so valuable to God young queens, I just want to see my ladies walking in that value and worth. Let no man abuse it.

Ephesians 1:13 says; When you believed, you were marked in him with a seal.” Because you’ve been marked IN him, you are HIS. You are valued, so why not act like it? You’re not any little boys “moment” you belong to GOD. Loved and cherished. We are of great value to Him because of the price He paid to make us worthy. I hope we find the strength to walk in this value.


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