What do I want more in 2015?

This post might be a little late, but better late than never right? Well, 2014 was a great year for me. Before entering 2015 i reflected on 2014 and I really could not believe the countless blessings I was able to withdraw. I mean, sometimes we get so caught up living in the moment, trying to get by that we forget to just take a moment and really reflect on how great GOD truly is. Whether i saw more downs than ups, or more ups than downs does not matter or does not equal to how great of a year it was. What matters is the ONE who brought me through it. If i were to number out the things God did for me in 2014, this post would be never ending, so I just had two words to sum it up….”Thank You.” Simply put. Nothing more, nothing less. I’m thanking him for every experience, whether favorable or unfavorable. It definitely drew me a lot closer to him.

For 2015, I JUST want 1 thing, not to be corny or try to make myself feel “holier than thou” lol, this is sincere. I just want more Jesus. That’s it. The more of him found in me in 2015, the more I can be genuinely happy, genuinely at peace with ME. The less I’ll look to quick fixes, the less I’ll seek out people to keep my happy. The more of him in me, less of me. Less of my selfish wants/needs, less of trying to understand life’s curve-balls, and more of trusting that everything I find myself going through, is fuel to keep me on fire for Christ. I’m not perfect and I don’t claim to be, I just want to live and be like the one who IS. 

I hope this year is filled with nothing but elevated moments for everyone reading, nothing but joy in all things, and continual growth. There is nothing like looking back while entering a new year and seeing so much self growth, in all aspects of your life. Whether you accomplished your desired goals or whether you found yourself stumbling, the beauty in it all is that you grew. Major or not so major….growth is growth.


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