Your accomplishments are not really YOURS..

Have you ever had the passion or strong desire about something that meant a lot to you, set out a vision for yourself,  draw up a plan, only to finally see that vision blossom into reality? If so, then your’e my kind of person and your drive is a rarity that should never be quenched. I love seeing people excited about making their dreams come true, but one very thing i detest is watching those same people allow the success they have gained from their dreams, cause them to think ALL they have acquired they acquired by their OWN hard work and perseverance and nothing more. They parade around, tooting their own horn about the amount of work and dedication that was executed, for them to be as “great” as they are at the moment. No sense of humility or praise to GOD for a single thing.

People seem to forget, every single thing you have at the moment that makes you proud, can crumble at any minute. We are never in control of our future or of what can happen tomorrow…..only God is. It is so important to take time out of your day to give GOD total and complete Glory for all you have and have acquired. He is the only one who knows our end from our beginning. He is the only one who orchestrates our lives to fit the plans he has for us. There is nothing more humbling than acknowledging, your skills, drive, effort and sleepless nights are not the sole reason you are who you are today. Yes, they certainly play a huge part, but God is the real reason. Ya’ll know, my foundation in this life is God, so I will always back up what I say with scriptural context.

  • 1 Samuel 18:14 “And David had success in all his undertakings, for the Lord was with him.” There is so much to be said about David, but to keep things short he had success over Saul because God was with him. Not because he could do it on his own, but because he acknowledged God, waited on God and allowed God to use him to be successful in all he did.
  • Proverbs 3:6 “In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.” I love this verse because it just sums this entire post up perfectly. LOL. In EVERYTHING you do, let him be the first person you thank and the first person you acknowledge for all you gain, and he will never fail to make your path as fruitful as possible!I know there are people who say, well most celebrities “have it all” and the last person they ever seem to acknowledge is God, how do they still stay so successful? Well i personally feel God is not a God who causes anyone to suffer just because they don’t acknowledge him in their lives, BUT i can surely tell you, with those riches most of these celebrities have obtained, one thing they’re missing is HAPPINESS. Most always make mention of feeling “empty”, feeling like there is more beyond all the riches and material possessions they have. So yes, they appear to “have it all” but what they really have are things that will only fade with time, and things that can be gone in an instant. They have to depend on those possessions to sustain them. Meanwhile, when you have Christ all you need to depend on….is him. Everything else that’s materialistic is just a plus.
  • I just want to encourage those reading, try not to allow your success and your accomplishments cause you to feel like a “god” over yourself. Always remember the only GOD who brought you from nothing and made you into something and acknowledge him. No matter how far your accomplishments take you!

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