Trying to keep my faith up!

I think sometimes it is SO easy to let whatever it is we are going through cloud our faith, and cause us to lose all hope in our prayers getting answered. I won’t sit here and say everything I have ever prayed for, I totally believed, it would be answered. As bad as that sounds, its the ultimate truth. I mean, I’m human and sometimes things just look so dark, it feels like there is absolutely NO light or hope left. We will all get to that point or have gotten to that point.

I think getting to that point where you have lost ALL faith is thee most dangerous thing we can allow ourselves to do, and the most dangerous place to dwell in. The enemy is so tricky and he’ll do any and everything to cause us to lose all faith we’ve built up. he’ll put so many obstacles in our way, he’ll make everything SEEM impossible. But see, that’s where he’s already lost. Key word ; SEEM. When something “seems” impossible it doesn’t mean its not possible, it just means the lens in which you view it, is temporarily distorted and what you see isn’t what is really reality. When we say someone SEEMS sad, we’re saying we don’t know if they’re sad, but they APPEAR to be. It is such an unsure word, if that makes any sense. Its not solid. So when i talk about the enemy making things seem impossible, all I am trying to say is….Its NOT.

Mark 11:24 says : “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” The word of God is true and stands secure, so if it does, why do we so easily allow the devil temporarily distort our faith? Why do we allow him cause us to lose ALL hope? Its simple, because we don’t BELIEVE. God is trying to tell us here that we have to believe first. We can’t pray in vain, or claim to have faith in vain. We have to tell our hearts in true belief that whatever we ask in his name, is possible. Man, this is something I’m asking God for everyday, FAITH. The faith to believe he will do what he says he will do, no matter what is thrown my way. I’m not saying its easy, but the only way to really grow as a child of God, is to TRUST in his word and not what things “seem” to be like. Believe me, its such a reassured and peaceful feeling to leave whatever it is, into Gods hands and walk in faith.

As i keep praying for God to answer a prayer I have just recently brought before him, concerning something that really matters to me, I just want to believe in faith that he has already answered it.


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